How to Combat with Pandemic of Plagiarism – Inhibitor of Science


We can observe that plagiarism is now spreading even faster than any virus, and invading the fundamentals of science. Causative organisms are pseudo-scientists and symptom observed is loss of faith in science. Just for the sake and hurry of adding few papers in their CV and justifying their grants, these scientists (pseudo) have kept science at risk which is fatal. It is difficult for anyone to now refer to another’s articles due to disturbance in faith as it is not laboratory/country/geographical based, instead it is the whole world where such cases have been reported every day. Now we have to be more vigilant before reading any article and evaluating its data as there are ample chances that the work has only done on paper. What should be the penalty for manifesting such plagiarism and most importantly how to eradicate such issue is still a question unanswered?

I personally believe that mentors and journals do play a significant role and can possibly eradicate the plagiarism at least to a level. Mentors/team leaders should not express their disappointment when a trainee’s data doesn’t support expectations and hypothesis of mentor as all this encourage misconduct (Nature, 488, 121-122; 2012). Moreover, mentor should discuss research integrity as well as the consequences which a research team has to face after committing research misconduct and plagiarism. Journals may start asking the research team to submit the raw information and datasheets of the research works which should be attested by the team leader or corresponding author at the time of manuscript submission. If research team has performed the work ethically, they should not mind submitting such supplementary files.


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